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Monday, September 3, 2007


Meet her, the love of my life- The Korg OASYS (Open Architecture Synthesis Studio) workstation.

Isn’t she beautiful? Look at her vital statistics: She combines high-definition synthesis, hard disk audio recording, multitrack MIDI sequencing, KARMA algorithmic music generation, a control surface, a touch-sensitive color display, and a CD burner for rendering your compositions. Inside, a 2.8GHz Pentium IV processor runs Linux, permitting feature updates. She's tagged at US$8,000. Whew!

The OASYS shows off high-end specs alright. She’s sporting 76 or 88 keys (synth or hammer action), a 10.4-inch color LCD screen, and a control panel with drum pads, chord triggers, joysticks, a ribbon controller, and assignable switches, knobs, and faders. Its three sound engines, offering analog modeling, tone wheel organ, digital sampling/synthesis, and combinations of the three, can play as many as 172 voices all at once. However, if we will talk about OASYS, the expert need not mention specs. O’Reilly Digital Media describes how the Korg USA keyboard and recording products manager Jerry Kovarsky just let that 172-voice polyphony rip. “Running his arm across the keyboard's eight octaves, Jerry sends the OASYS into a roaring Hammond organ glissando. The heavily layered patch doesn't blink.”

Isn’t she sexy! I told you, I’m in love and it’s for keeps.

(The Korg OASYS info is courtesy of O’Reilly Digital Media)

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