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Thursday, September 20, 2007


A university in the United States conducted a scientific experiment about life in a perfect environment. They placed eight mice in an artificial habitat and adequately provided for their every need like food and shelter, and eliminated all possible causes of disease. After two years, the experts recorded the following observations:

  • 1). the mice colony rose to two thousand and two hundred mice,

  • 2). Groupings or “clicks” had developed with twelve mice in each group,

  • 3). The females had become dominant and the males had become submissive. The females drove the males out of their territories and the males relinquished their territories,

  • 4). The young mice had become self-indulgent. They were busy cleaning themselves and did what they wanted to do.

The experts observed that the mice no longer did two things:

  • 1). they did not help each other anymore,

  • 2). They did not make love anymore.

Five years later, in such a perfect environment, every mouse died! I guess life is perfectly imperfect! Life can only be perfect when you have taken every opportunity to love!

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