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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Specimen provided by Jon Fouskaris. Photo taken by Jon Fouskaris. (The Cobalt Blue Trantula-

In the picture is the Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Haplopelma lividum), which is a specie that is native to Myanmar and Thailand. It is quite aggressive and so experts recommend it only as a pet to experienced and well-informed tarantula enthusiasts.

This species is also an obligate burrower and generally very shy. They do not possess urticating hairs so they rely more on biting for defense.

Typical care for this species requires 6 to 8 inches of substrate and a pre-formed burrow near the glass if you ever want a chance to observe it. However, once they are comfortable in their new home they will tend to spin a large amount of webbing and obscure vision. This specie is largely regarded as a "pet hole" since once it has established a burrow it will generally stay underground and not be seen.

While popular for its brilliant blue coloring, one must remember that these kind of tarantulas must be treated as living art and never handled. They are extremely aggressive and possess a painful bite.

I guess, if you need to hide something very important, you can hide it inside its burrow. I’m sure no one could steal it without getting a very painful bite first. Haha…

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