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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The documentary program “Jewel of the Sea” also has given tips on how you could know if a pearl is genuine or fake. First, if you try to rub two pearls together, the genuine ones would feel rough and would create friction but the fake ones would feel smooth and create no friction. You may rub a pearl on your tooth. If it creates a sharp stabbing sensation, it is genuine. If it feels smooth, then most likely, it’s fake. If you immerse a pearl in water and it changes in color, it is not genuine.

You need to take care of your pearls too. If you need to put pearls inside a plastic pouch, leave it unsealed. The heat inside a close plastic pouch or container may damage the surface of a pearl. Wash your pearls occasionally and dry them with a soft towel. Do not mix them with other jewelries. Pearls need moisture so before you keep them inside your drawer, put a glass with water inside the drawer where you intend to keep your pearls first.

Last Mothers’ Day, I gave my mom a pair of pearl earrings, although, not the very expensive kind. A pearl is valuable and suits a person you dearly cherish.

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