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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From Earth to Mars

Granting without necessarily accepting that the time has come for earthlings to take refuge in Mars, how long will the travel take? Well, with the most sophisticated rockets that space agencies currently use, it would take six to seven months to reach Mars. However, we need to wait until the two planets are in proper alignment before we could start the journey. If ever, we do not like it there, we can return to earth only after waiting for another eighteen months until the two planets are in proper alignment again.

However, granting that this event could happen in hundreds of thousands of years in the future, probably nuclear engineers would have fully developed nuclear engines that could fuel space vehicles. That would greatly reduce the travel to Mars from almost two years and a half to only two months regardless of the two planets alignment.

Space travel is a very interesting activity as long as it is not for a terrifying interplanetary migration.

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