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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Greatest Filipino Boxer of All Time

The world stood still last May 2, 2009 during the boxing match dubbed as “East Vs. West, the Pacquiao-Hatton Fight”. Unbelievably, the Philippines experienced a “zero crime rate” at those eventful hours for the Filipinos. The fight was telecast on Philippine TV through Solar Sports and GMA-7 Network Inc.

Many thought that it was going to be a tough one for Manny Pacquiao. At stake was Ring Magazines’ and IBO Junior Welterweight Championship belt, which Hatton held. The defending champion was banking on a new trainer in the person of Floyd Mayweather Sr, a former boxing champion, to snatch away from Pacquiao the much coveted “best pound for pound fighter” title. On the other end, the challenger went through tougher training from Coach Freddie Roach and assistant coach, former heavy weight champ Michael Moorer. Two minds collaborated in improving the boxing skill of the Pacman. However, the shocking surprise was the humiliating second round knockout defeat of the champion Hatton, who took a terrible blow from a wicked left hook from the stronger challenger, which brought him down flat on his back on the canvass motionless for a few minutes.

Hatton’s fiancée Jennifer Dooley could not help but scream in fright as the Hitman laid almost dead on the floor.

Before the fight, old Mayweather was saying that it would be the end of Pacquiao’s boxing career. “He will never be the same again!” he bragged. He even said it poetic verses on the HBO documentary, “Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7”.

True enough, Pacquiao is never the same again. Prior to the fight, he is the best pound for pound champion, now he is the greatest boxer of all time!

Perhaps we can all learn a lesson here; “Pride goes before destruction”. I hope old Mayweather learns his.

GMA-7 correspondent Connie Sison delivered the blow-by-blow report about Pacquiao’s activities from the weight loss competition the champion sponsored and his power training in the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles, California.

"She is doing a TV documentary with Rhea Santos and Queenie Padilla entitled "Sulyap sa Likod ng Abaya". She will tackle the terrible condition of muslim women in Bangladesh. It will be aired on May 31, 2009, Sunday at 10:45PM over GMA-7."

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