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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sleepless in the City: DoQ by Connie Sison

I was watching television last night after dinner. It was on channel 7 (GMA) but I was a bit bored with the show on broadcast so I went to the TV and pushed the channel button upward to turn it to another channel. As the monitor opened to channel 11 (QTV), I heard a voice over; a familiar female voice so I stopped pushing the channel button. The program looked like a documentary and was on the early segments. I listened intently to the voice and tried to recognize who was speaking. After my brain had made a quick scan over my “internal hard disc,” I figured out that it was Ms. Connie Sison. Wide-eyed in surprise, it was Ms. Connie Sison, indeed on DoQmentaries, “Sleepless in the City”.

I have been trying to follow her reports on doQmentaries; a program, which used to air every second Saturday of the month over QTV-11 but I could not catch up on all because I could not find the program on its regular timeslot anymore. Well, I have not known that the network has moved the program to a new day and time slot: every first Sunday of the month until last night. It is like an unexpected meeting of two long-parted friends. It is amazing! How would you call such an incident? Could it be… destiny?


Aw! That is hard! She is a happy wife and mom all right! I do not need a wake up slap!

I am sorry about that interruption. It is just the voice at the back of my mind. We do argue sometimes and even wrestle occasionally. Oops, wait; do not be mistaken. This is not a case of schizophrenia! Many people call the tiny voice “conscience”. It tells you what is right and what is wrong. You should relate to this especially if you are using Safeguard soap (that was a Filipino joke)!

It seems that this is slowly becoming a fan blog site. It is something I have been trying to avoid because it is too embarrassing. However, like a doctor talking to the family of his dying patient, “There is nothing more I can do…”

On serious stuffs, in Sleepless in the City, Ms. Connie Sison tackled stories about people working in night shift. I like how she described it, “people who come home after work to eat breakfast instead of dinner”. They are people who are earning a living while the rest of the world is sleeping. She interviewed a “barista”, (expert mixer of coffee in coffee shops), a nurse, a stand up comedian, a bus conductor; a police beat reporter and a spa business owner.

They all engage in service oriented jobs except perhaps for the police reporter that do more of an indirect service to the people. She gathers news and reports them in the TV news programs for people who are interested in that information whereas the others do direct service to people. We can say that they are night owls that cater to the need of the bigger night owl population who stay up late because of their odd jobs or by inevitable circumstances. They work beyond what people consider as the normal cycle of life: wake up in the morning, work then sleep at night.

However, personally, while there are people who can take a rest, life in this world has no rest at all, as the earth rotates on its axis for 24 hours continuously without stopping for the past 5 billion years. Therefore, where some people have taken a rest, others need to take over in order to meet the demands of continuing life.

Time travels endlessly and life follows. This is the normal cycle of life: people need people 24/7 to sustain life. Life is like a big jigsaw puzzle and each one has a place to occupy in order that life can become fruitful for everyone.

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