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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Favorite Things

September 7, 2009
I have been following GMA Network Philippines QTV Channel 11’s “DoQmentaries”, a documentary report every first Sunday of the month, particularly the episodes by Ms. Connie Sison. Last month's episode features her favorites in the past documentary reports she has done in the program. [I failed to blog it last September 7 because my desktop broke down]

She features her own love story with an excerpt from her own wedding and a photo of their wedding kiss, a Christian couples’ love story and an old couple picking a second chance at love. She also features her favorite segments from her reports “Jewel of the Sea” and “Sleepless in the City”.

Last September 6 episode challenged me as a writer of blogs: If I will write about my favorites in my blogs, what would they be?

Well, aside from my long series about spiders, one I remember is my blog entitled “Steward of Creation” where I have written about the ill effects of global warming and the ironical situation wherein man- the steward of creation- becomes the biggest contributor to its destruction.

Another is my blog, “Science and Spirituality” where I have written about the conflicting issues of science and religion when it comes to the earth’s destruction.

Another is my blog “Long Live America” where I have written about the past presidential election in the United States.

However, my favorite blogs would probably be, “Jewel of the Sea & Jewel of the Sea II”, “An Amazing Woman”-from Sulyap sa Likod ng Abaya and “Sleepless in the City” and my twin blogs about President Cory Aquino.

Blogging has been a very enjoyable activity for me. Hopefully, I can write better in the succeeding articles.

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