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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All 33 Chilean Miners have been Rescued

The miners with a banner saying Mission Completed

After almost 70 days of being trapped below 2,000 feet, the 33 miners have been rescued safely. This is great news for their families and the people of Chile and South America, and also for the nations all over the world that have watched and waited for the wonderful outcome. 

Yonni Rojas Pix from Herald Sun
Yonni Barrios Rojas, one of the trapped miners has been caught by photographers having a sweet embrace with his girlfriend Susana Valenzuela.

This is one precarious incident where we can appreciate technological advancement. Even while beneath 2,000 feet of sunken earth and rocks, it has been possible to communicate to them through video. Perhaps, if not for that it would have been impossible for them to survive the mental agony of seclusion and uncertainty.

Nobody thought that the miners have survived the collapse of the San Jose Mine in Chile. Only after 17 days  of being trapped beneath 2,000 feet that fellow miners above found out that they are still alive . Since then, food has been supplied to them.

Before they have gone up through the Fenix rescue capsule, they have even requested for shampoo and soap so that they could take a bath from a spring of water in their area. Amazing!

I believe, just as the President of Chile has said that Chile has become even stronger as a nation after this successful rescue of their miners. Coming off from a terrible earthquake, they have proven to the world their unity and strength to rise up from rubble as one great nation.

The last miner who has emerged from the Fenix rescue capsule is Luis Urzua.

Screenshot from a You Tube Video footage of the last miner to emerge from the Fenix
Screenshot from a You Tube video footage of Luis Urzua as he ermerges from the Fenix

Headline Pix: "The miners with a banner saying Mission Completed"
is a screenshot from a live video coverage @ provided by posted by Adam Gabbatt and Matthew Weaver

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