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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn in New York

Falling in love must be really wonderful and exciting in so many ways but extremely heart breaking if you fall for the wrong person and with a wrong reason. So, you try to apply extra care in choosing the person you’re going to love but as they say, “you cannot choose who you’ll love”. He or she will come at your most unguarded moment and you’ll fall even without you knowing it.

Suppose you have now fallen for someone. You think that finally, you have found the one for you and you begin to see forever in her arms but suddenly, you’re caught in the middle of the meanest of circumstances as you find out that she’s sick with neuroblastoma (a form of cancer) and will have to say goodbye soon.

That’s where the film “Autumn in New York” goes around. The movie features Richard Gere and Winona Ryder (I hate predictable cheesy movies but I love Winona). This is actually an old movie, which has been released in 2000.  I’ve just come across it again after seeing a music video about the film in You Tube:

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