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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pacquiao VS. Margarito: Fight of the Year

Image: from HBO Boxing Website

Again, the world stalls as the best pound-for-pound boxer of all time, Manny Pacquiao steps inside the ring against Antonio Margarito. He is eyeing for his eighth championship belt in eight different weight divisions.

As expected, boxing followers root for Manny and predict a knock-out win against Margarito. Boxing analysts seem to agree that Manny has the upper hand because of his speed is spite of being a smaller fighter. However, we cannot discount the fact that Margarito is a strong fighter too.

As of this minute, Margarito weighs 165 lbs while Manny weighs only 148 lbs. If the weight factor will affect either fighter’s game plan remains to be seen as the fight unfolds in a few hours.

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