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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day

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My mom recalls how the Japanese planes have bombarded shipyards along Manila Bay at the onset of World War II, which has started after the Japs have raided the Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in a surprise attack on December 7, 1941.

69 years have passed since that frightful day in world history. It is said that Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was a preemptive measure to neutralize the US Pacific Fleet. It was a design to secure their occupation of Southeast Asia. Indeed, the Japanese Imperial Forces had enjoyed initial victory in their conquest. However, most of US aircraft carriers were not in the harbor that day so, even if they had inflicted a big blow on the American forces’ morale, they failed to destroy the harbor totally, which could have delayed the end of World War II in the Pacific region for a year or two.

Anyway, it’s all in history. America dropped a nuclear bomb in Nagazaki, Japan and the war ended. Philippines felt the horror and cruelty of war so much, which we all hope would never happen again.

I just hope that the two Korea’s would somehow realize that no war is worth crossing at this point in history. Most especially that they have experienced war in the 1950’s, when the Korean War broke. It is not something strange for them to understand. It has been frightful years as well for Koreans that have been caught in the middle of the exchange of fire.

Maybe we can apply what we have learned from history. Nations need to settle conflicts through diplomacy and not through the barrel of the gun. We all live in varying beliefs and principles but if we can resolve all differences peacefully, then this world would be a better place for all. It would be perfectly amazing!

Image above: 
actual attack on Pearl Harbor; Japanese planes view

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