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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt in Chaos Continues

Street Protesters (c/o Guardian.Co.
Mubarak supporters started to mobilize to take over Tahrir Square and take it away from anti-government protesters. Clash between the two groups have been violent and three deaths have been reported and thousands have been hurt. In Twitter updates, even journalists have been arrested.

The Egyptian Army has tried to intervene in an attempt to stop the violence.

According to the Associated Press, “Hours after automatic gunfire hit the anti-government protest camp at Tahrir Square, killing at least three protesters, soldiers carrying rifles could be seen lining up between the two sides around 11am (9am GMT). Several hundred other soldiers were moving toward the front line... Four tanks cleared a highway overpass from where Mubarak supporters had hurled rocks and firebombs onto the protesters.”  (from

Mohammed ElBaradei
The protesters leader Mohammed ElBaradei, urges world leaders to abandon Mubarak and has refused to take part in any negotiations until Mubarak quits.
Mubarak is being accused of starting the clash by using thugs and mobilizing pro-government protesters. Government has denied this.

It seems that Mubarak is trying to hold on and keep himself in office while a big part of his country has turned into a war zone.

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has issued a statement saying, “President Mubarak's announcement that he will stay until the end of his term and will not run for re-election - I'm not sure that will satisfy the demands of his people. If there is a need for change, it should happen now" (

It seems that the UN Sec Gen himself thinks that the only solution to this crisis is Mubarak’s resignation. I hope all conflicts will end soon.

Below is the video from Guardian.Co.UK:






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