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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peoples’ Revolution: In Focus Part II

The CPP-NPA-NDF and the secessionists MNLF and MILF have pointed at Marcos as the reason for their rebellion. Yet, even after the deposition of the late president, they have never ended their insurgency. They have even strengthened their force. They want to siege political power in the guise of self-governance. They cry against government’s military deployment at the countryside yet they themselves build up paramilitary organization in the mountains; folly of follies.

I believe, the biggest error of Marcos is that he has not encouraged a healthy opposition. He has curtailed the basic freedom of speech and expression. He has not given his political opponents an inch of opportunity.

In Libya, reports say that the city of Benghazi has been the center of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which they say is a terrorist group linked to the Al Qaeda. Is this just another political power play?

People look for a way out of their suffering naturally and often, they look for people, events or anything to blame. They could put all the blame to their corrupt politicians but rarely to themselves. They make people believe that a new government will get them out of their misery. Sometimes that is true, often it is not.

When someone does evil, he’ll suffer from the consequences of his actions. When he realizes his folly, he’ll express remorse, accept reckoning and will seek to change his ways. It would make him a better person. His triumph over his own self will make the change meaningful.

The true revolution is more than just ousting a sitting president. We can only call a change successful if it transcends each individual inwardly; focusing not on what they can get from the government but on what they can contribute to make a government relevant to its people.

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