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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are You Going to Quit Facebook for any Reason?

I have read an article from a website that enumerates ten reasons to delete a Facebook user’s account. Mostly, the reasons question the possible violation of the user’s privacy.

The article seems to argue that Facebook is tricking its users from giving personal information then they monetize that information for advertising purposes.

Perhaps you have noticed that whenever you want to add an application to your account, a dialogue box appears asking your permission to access all information in your account and friends’ list.

I think the question of privacy is valid in a way. However, we cannot blame Facebook for any violation because we provide whatever information is available in our account. Before we can use an application from a third party server, they ask for our permission first. If we do not want to share our personal information, then we can deny the application’s request. Even if we have granted the permission, anytime we want to bar it, we can always go to the privacy setting and remove the application. If we want more privacy while we use Facebook, we can exercise self-restraint and withhold any personally identifiable information like full name, address, age, email, photos, etc. unless we need those for business purposes and restrict users’ who can view our profile pages in the privacy settings tab.

I have read another article saying in effect that social media networks like Facebook and Twitter has made CIA’s job easier since people post status updates on their profiles telling in real time where they are and what they are doing.

I guess, if you are doing anything that would be interesting for a government agency like the CIA, you are not going to share it on Facebook or Twitter, would you?

The cry to quit Facebook seems overacting but if there are those who feel that way, I respect their opinion and decision fully.

Why are you using Facebook?

As a Social Media Network
  • To connect to friends and family
  • To connect with people who might share the same interests
  • To connect to potential business clients for online or small business
  • To drive web traffic to personal blogs or web pages    
Whether we admit it or not, Facebook users are in the hundreds of million and the top social media network in the world today. If you don’t need Facebook, maybe you don’t have Facebook .

Here’s the link to the article 10 reasons to delete your Facebook account if you like to read:


  1. maintaining facebook is more advantageous to me. it connects me to those people that became part of my life. thanks for always dropping by, arnel :)

  2. I also share in the same benefits. I believe in the usefulness of facebook to people at large and bloggers in particular... :-) thanks too Carina, the honor is mine...


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