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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus Controversial "Stealing a Pen" Video

President Vaclav Klaus
President Vaclav Klaus is the second president of the Czech Republic since the disintegration of Czechoslovakia in 1993. The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Czech Republic have elected him into the presidency, for a term lasting for five years from 2008.

He is the founder of the Civic Democratic Party, the ruling party of the Czech Republic. It is the largest center-right political party. He has earned the title of being the “Margaret Thatcher” of Central Europe.

He is a known eurosceptic or expressing critical opposition to the European integration or European Union. Euroscepticism comes from the perception that the Union is undemocratic and weakens the nations. He has been the last to sign the Lisbon Treaty, or the international agreement that amends two treaties, which comprise the constitutional basis of the European Union.

It is so frustrating that this “pen incident” seems to have tainted his person in global perception. According to reports, the pen has semi precious stones on it. It is not clear whether the President of Chile has given it to him as a gift prior to the press conference but even if it is, his actuation has been suspicious in the eyes of onlookers since he left the pen’s case on the table after he has made an action of putting something into his left side pocket.

This is not the first time that he has fallen into a controversy. In 1997, he has been forced to resign as Prime Minister of the Czech Republic because of a financial scandal within his party, which has caused a government crisis.

I hope this incident teaches Heads of State to be extra wary of their actions before the public most especially in a foreign country to avoid cruel and unfavorable criticism. 

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