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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mystery of the Last Supper: by Prof Colin Humphreys

Last Monday, April 18, a news article from London (AFP) has been published in Yahoo! News. It talks about a research, which suggests that, the Last Supper might have occurred on Holy Wednesday instead of Maundy Thursday as the Christian world celebrates the event.

"The Mystery of the Last Supper: Reconstructing the Final Days of Jesus." (Cambridge University Press, 2011) ISBN 052173200X is a book Professor Sir Colin John Humphreys CBE has written. He says  there that in the gospels according to Matthew, Luke and Mark, the Last Supper has happened at the start of the Jewish Passover Festival. While in the gospel according to John, it has happened before the Passover. The seeming discrepancy, he argues, is because Matthew, Luke and Mark have used a different calendar than John. The first group has used an old Jewish calendar while John has used a lunar calendar. So, in his calculation, he argues that the Last Supper have occurred on Holy Wednesday. He says that this should explain the number of events, (prayer at Gethsamane, the arrest and the trials) that have transpired from the Last Supper to the crucifixion.

I guess, regardless of the actual date, the most important thing is the validation of the event in history. The Last Supper leads us to remember the Lord until He comes again through the Holy Eucharist. As we partake of the bread, we remember the Lord’s body that has been broken for us. As we partake of the wine, we remember His blood that has been shed for us. We share in his death in order that we may die to sin and receive eternal life in Him.
Prof Colin Humphreys

Professor Sir Colin John Humphreys CBE is a Professor and Director of Research
BSc Imperial College
PhD University of Cambridge
MA University of Oxford
Hon DSc University of Leicester

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