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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Kiss at the Buckingham Palace

The Royal Wedding happens today. Actually, I am asking myself right now, why I am blogging about the royal event. I am not an invited guest anyway. I do not know the couple and I am sure they are not interested to know me.

I guess it is the biggest royal event in the 21st century. The last royal wedding, which has been between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, has been a score and a decade ago. I am too young then to appreciate the value of the event. Perhaps, the next one would come three decades henceforth and I might be around to appreciate it anymore. I wonder, “Would I still be blogging by that time?”

 Well, I must admit that while I am already an old bachelor, couples in love still fascinates me. They still make me smile and often wonder if I can have my own story to tell.

Everybody is now preparing to watch the live feeds and coverage of the Royal Event and I am one of those anticipating. According to reports, after the wedding, the couple will go to the Buckingham palace for the royal banquets and the most anticipated part is when the couple would greet the people outside the palace along with the royal family and “kiss each other” in front of the cheering crowd. I would love to witness that one.

The Royal Wedding would be sealed with a kiss.

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