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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Screenshots of the Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I am one of those who watched the live coverage of the Royal Wedding yesterday. I think it has been a simple ceremony except for the elegance and the dignified guests and royalties in attendance.

I have observed the Prince’s countenance. At the start, he looks a little nervous but he starts to wear a smile as soon as the procession toward the altar has begun.

The camera has caught the Prince whispering to Kate’s ear “You are so beautiful” at one time.

The exchange of vows is traditional but there is the warmth of romance. Even if the minister is dictating the words, the couple speaks so truthfully like young lovers.  I just notice that only the Bride has a ring.

As the service ends, I could sense the Prince’s happiness. Kate has been smiling since the start of the ceremony but it seems like the prince is holding back the great joy in his heart. It seems like he wanted to dance in joy but he is the crown prince so he just expresses it with little cute smiles to people he sees in the crowd.

As they have left Westminster Abbey, they have boarded a carriage that would bring them to Buckingham Palace for the much-awaited “royal kiss” at the balcony of the palace. The first recorded Royal balcony appearance has taken place in 1851, when Queen Victoria steps onto it during the celebrations for the opening of the Great Exhibition.

The crowds are being encouraged to fill The Mall, surround the Queen Victoria Memorial and gather at the gates of Buckingham Palace to enjoy the iconic balcony moment. 

I, too have waited for that royal kiss and as the door to the balcony has opened, I have prepared my fingers to capture the scene. To my dismay, the couple has kissed twice and twice I have missed the smack so, I have to depend on other sources for the historically royal shot.

My screenshot, I missed it by a second

Image credit:

May the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live happily ever after!

All images here are screenshots of the live feed of the Royal Wedding from the official You Tube  Channel of the British Monarchy except for two, which is properly credited


  1. I'm so impressed on the whole wedding ceremony and admired how beautiful London is.

  2. Yes, Carina, I'm impressed too about its simplicity yet elegant at the same time. How I wish I've been there...


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