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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Team Hoyt: a You Tube Video

Team Hoyt
Team Hoyt, the Father and son tandem of Dick and Rick Hoyt has been an inspiring and amazing story of love. Cee, of has called it “Unconditional Love” in her recent post. Indeed it is, between a father and a son.

I have seen this video before in our church for Fathers’ Day celebration last year if I'm not mistaken. Then I have seen it again in Cee’s blog earlier. The video has had a personal value to me since the first time that I have seen it but I could not search for it in the net because I do not know their names at that time.

The video shows how love can turn an extremely bad situation around into something good. It will not change the situation but it will change how people look and act to an undesirable situation in life. It is not easy but if we will let love move us, we can rise above any discouragement and pain.

It is an amazing relationship. Each one gets strength from the other. The father finds a purpose to run; the son finds a reason to dream. Together they will reach places many people cannot tread.

For more information about Team Hoyt, here is the link to their official website: They truly deserve to be in the exclusive list of amazing people.

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  1. Their story is really amazing beyond words.

    BTW, thanks for the mention :)


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