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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AL Qaeda Leader Killed in Pakistan

Photo: Reuters
The Afghan ministry says in a Reuter’s report that Pakistan should have known where Osama Bin Laden has had taken sanctuary. It seems hard to believe that the house where bin Laden has hidden is near Pakistan’s main military academy in Abbottabad. The ministry spokesperson raises a question on how Pakistan can protect its nuclear weapons if the most wanted terrorist in the world has managed to sneak in undetected and has stayed there for the past five to six years.

Could it be possible that certain groups have cuddled the terrorist leader in Pakistan without the knowledge of the Pakistan government? Perhaps any accusation may not be appropriate at this time especially when supporters of bin Laden still claim  that he is as a hero of the Islamic world.

Osama bin Laden
I do not know what he has intended to accomplish by attacking and killing innocent civilians in the World Trade Center. I think he has not achieved it. He has sacrificed his own life and the thousands that have died but he has gained nothing at all but death. If his followers will continue his way, they will never have peace. I think even Islam has not encouraged terrorism in any part of the world.

The war on terror has not ended on bin Laden’s death. As I have said in the Adgitize forum, it may even escalate as his followers might attempt to retaliate but his death proves that justice will always prevail and it will run tirelessly after anyone who kills innocent civilians.

On the other hand,  the war on terror still goes on and will go on as long as US continues to advance its interests in foreign oil- I mean soil.  

bin Laden's supporters

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  1. Together with it is the proliferation of unwanted and malicious virus, malware, spyware, etc. Beware of the Facebook see the picture of bin laden dead.

  2. Yes @sir rob, I have heard it in the news. It's so ironic that in bin Laden's death, cyber terrorism proliferates. I guess it's good that I haven't been in FB in the past few days or I might have been one of those who have been hacked.

  3. i agree with sir rob, virus spreads because of this incident. be very careful in opening any photo or message realted to this in facebook or other networking sites.

  4. I just wonder Carina, when will all these things stop? Innocent people perish either because of some people's hard core fanaticism or they are just having fun...


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