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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ad Choices: Have You Noticed?

These past several weeks I have noticed that the websites that display Adsense ads seem to show a different title. I mean, we all know that Adsense shows the title “Ads by Google” either at the top or at the bottom of an ad box but instead, the ad boxes now display “Ad Choices”.

I have been ignoring it but every time I see it on the sites I visit, curiosity pops up in my mind. What does “Ad Choices” mean? Is it a new affiliate company of Google? I have tried to search about it and I have found out that it is just a new label. Then, still curious, I have decided to click the “Ad Choices” label link. It opens a new tab leading to the Adsense help page, which provides:

  • information about Google Ads
  • ad preference page where you can edit which ads you want to see
  • and a sign up link to those who would want to try Adsense.
  • plus a You Tube video of Shuman Ghosemajumder where he explains how Google shows interest-based ads and demonstrates how to edit your ads preferences or opt out of interest-based ads.

Well, as I understand based on the brief electronic exploration I have done, “Ad Choices” means giving internet users the freedom to choose which ads to see. For me, it is good for both the visiting user and the site owner because it would make the ads relevant to the visiting user, which in turn would increase the probability of ad clicks for the site owner.

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