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Saturday, July 9, 2011

All-New Facebook Video Chat

A little over a month ago, I have blogged about Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype. I am wondering then how the partnership will affect the internet as a whole. I am wondering about the benefit it would give to internet users.

Facebook has now launched the all-new Facebook Video Chat through the power of Microsoft Skype being a big investor and partner of Facebook. With a webcam and internet connection, you can now talk to your friends in Facebook on live chat. Previously, FB friends chat by typing texts in a chat box, now you can hear and see them live.

According to an IT expert, Jerry Liao, the feature allows multi-tasking because it does not constrict the user in one activity. The user can respond to other activities in FB or check other sites even while in FB live chat. The only problem with it, according to Liao is that you might compromise your privacy in accepting video chat invitations since they will see who you really are. He just recommends that users accept video chat invitations from people they really know.

I guess, this new feature will make Facebook an even more important social media network.

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