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Friday, July 22, 2011

"Think Before You Click"- a GMA TV Ad Campaign

GMA Network has launched a media campaign Think Before You Click a few weeks ago. It is all about being responsible internet users. The United Nations has declared internet access as a basic human right however, while we recognize the value of internet to students, professionals and social networkers, we need to make sure that we are using it responsibly.

Along with the benefits of the internet, come ill schemes like scams and theft; misinformation and even defamation. It would be good if we know how to protect ourselves by simply thinking it over before we post opinions or click links.

At the same time, the campaign encourages users to post status updates to Twitter and Facebook responsibly and not spread gossips. We should discern when information would be beneficial to readers and when it would not.

I fully support the campaign and I believe all internet users from all over the globe; social networkers, bloggers, web owners or those who are merely going around would all agree as well.

Below is the video of the GMA TV campaign. Most parts are in Filipino but I believe that even non-Filipinos could easily grasp the message of the video presentation.


  1. i like this campaign. you can reach millions of people through just one click in the internet. every user should be aware of their responsibility in using the internet.

  2. thanks Carina,

    we should really exercise discretion with all our internet activities. better be safe than sorry... i've been out for quite a while because my computer has crashed again. anyways, thanks for dropping by again. God bless :)


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