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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayweather and Ortiz Fight: Most Disgusting Championship Ever

I know I write about amazing people and events but I would like to make an exemption with this amazingly disgusting boxing main event in Las Vegas last September 17 (US time).

The fight has started good with Mayweather scoring good punches. I have thought that he is leading in the score cards. However, in the fateful fourth round, disaster seems have crumbled down the boxing ring.

Ortiz has found an opening in Mayweathers defense and has managed to throw a barrage of punches hitting black American real good. However, he has gotten too eager to knock out his opponent by sneaking in a head butt, which hit Mayweather on the chin.

It’s a dirty tactic. Ortiz has wasted a golden opportunity to a clean win over Mayweather. However, he has acknowledged that he has committed something wrong and has expressed an apology. He has approached Mayweather to say sorry he even kisses him but the referee has paused the fight and ruled to deduct points from Ortiz as a penalty.

They have gone back at the center of the ring and have touched gloves. Ortiz approaches Mayweather and kisses him to say sorry again but perhaps still indignant about the head butt, Mayweather has responded with a left hook and a right hook on Ortiz’ face that has brought him down on the canvass.

Video of the illegal punches

It’s disgusting! It’s a foul punch! It’s not the way of a true champion! Hitting a defenseless opponent at the break is unjustifiable. Another disgusting part is when the referee has started the “ten count” even though he has not signaled a resumption of the fight. He is not even looking at the fighters!

I think I am not the only one who disagrees with the result. Mayweather does not deserve the championship belt. It’s true, Ortiz is the first to commit a foul but it does not mean that Mayweather has a license to commit another foul in retaliation.

The way I look at the fight, Mayweather does not deserve to win. Although, I’m not saying that everyone who has witnessed the fight sees it the same way or should see it in that way. It’s just a personal opinion. It’s just way I see it. To me, it is one of the, if not the most disgusting “victory” on the ring ever.

Still, I would like to commend Ortiz. I think he is the better boxer. He has committed a mistake but he has accepted it and has apologized for it. He knows the punch is foul but he has not taken it as an excuse for losing the championship belt. He has not taken it against the referee either. He just says, “Nobody is perfect, not I and not even the referee… It just happens…” He even congratulates Mayweather and his corner. To me, he has a mark of a good athletic sportsmanship totally opposite of Mayweather, who has even berated the 80 year old sports announcer when the latter has confronted him regarding the foul punches. He’s so undeserving of the belt! The Mayweather-Ortiz bout for me is the most disgusting championship victory ever.

Image above courtesy of:
Yahoo! News Philippines

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