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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photoshopped Photos of DPWH Officials Created Controversy

I have seen these photoshopped images of Department of Public Works and Highways officials inspecting the Manila Bay area in a blog I have perused but I could not remember the blog’s name anymore. I have thought that it’s funny but I have never thought it would lead to one DPWH’s employee’s suspension from work. 
The news article from Yahoo news says that the employee have posted the photoshopped pictures on Facebook. It seems that a blogger have discovered it and so the images have gone around like a big joke that have sold like pancakes. I have even seen the three DPWH officials on a photoshopped copy of the Rogue magazine cover that have featured actress Anne Cutis. Inevitably, the three DPWH officials have been at the center of mockery.

It is fun to play with images in Photoshop but we have to understand that we need to be responsible with whatever we would like to do. We may have artistic liberty but we always need to be responsible with what we do for our own good.

We may not have any bad intention. We just want to have some fun but when people’s integrity or honor would be compromised, like what the GMA-7 plug says, “we should think before we click”.

I think it is profesionally painful to think that you’re going to be suspended just because of photoshopped images like the photoshopped photos of the DPWH officials.
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