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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KBS Hires Blind News Anchor

Lee Cang-hoon c/o Korea Herald.Com
I have watched on the late newscast last night a news item about a blind news anchor on Korean television particularly KBS. Perhaps, he is the first blind news anchor in the world. His name is Lee Chang-hoon, a 25-year old man with first degree visual impairment.

According to a news article from Korea Herald website, KBS has selected Lee from ten finalists out of 523 applicants. He received very high scores during a reading test using the braille.

I have felt amazed about the man for his guts and for KBS as well for allowing into their program a blind person. Well, why not? Newscasters usually just read news! So why exclude people if they can read braille? The only question is if news companies would care to print their news scripts on braille so that blind people can also do the job.

He is a great encouragement to people with disability. He is truly amazing! I just hope that local news agencies would care to print news scripts on braille as well to give blind people a chance to do jobs that any other people can do.

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