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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pacquiao Loses to Bradley via Split Decision

The outcome of the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley yesterday stunned me immensely. I could not believe that Pacman had lost over the Desert Storm! The outcome was unexpected and practically unbelievable based on what I had seen!

I felt the challenger had not dominated the fight against the champion. In fact, he had not hurt Pacquiao in any round while he on the other hand wobbled at least in two instances. Clearly, the hard punches of Pacman had hurt Bradley.

I admit that the champion slowed down toward the end of the fight particularly in the last three rounds, nevertheless, Bradley failed to hit him hard.

While I agree with Manny that he indeed had won the fight, I also agree that we should all respect the decision of the judges because we are good sports. Besides, no amount of protest can turn it around.

Maybe it is one way of getting Manny out of retirement’s way. I just hope that it is not a handy work of scheming and unscrupulous people behind the fight.

I guess we can all expect a Pacquiao Bradley rematch.

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