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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Amazing Mobile House

Have you seen a mobile house? I am quite sure that having seen one is not a big deal. We have all seen one somewhere. However, this one, which Raymond Portillo owns is one for the books. It runs with solar and wind energy.

The Portillo Mobile House
I have encountered this amazing mobile house or a trailer house in a special feature on GMA News, which Pulitzer awardee, Kara David has reported on “24Oras” (a daily early evening newscast). I have embedded the video of the report above. Although it is in Filipino, I think even non-Filipinos can still appreciate the video because the report has a detailed coverage of the interior and exterior design of the trailer house.

Raymond Portillo
The trailer house comes with a complete set of furniture and appliances, from air conditioning unit, refrigerator to flat screen television and DVD player. It has a kitchen sink with gas stove. It also has a comfort room with a bathtub. It has an adjustable ceiling, which can serve as a double deck bed. Outside, they have an adjustable canopy, which can serve as an instant dining area. Practically, they can go anywhere without the need to rent a room or hotel.

Solar Panel
What is amazing about its design is that it runs with solar and wind energy. It is equipped with a solar panel and four wind turbines that can power up the battery when the sun is down.

Wind Turbine
It is an amazing creativity. I give two-thumbs up to its owner.

I think if we can adapt this idea even to conventional houses, maybe this can help save energy. Perhaps, the government can study the feasibility of using solar power and wind turbines to power up the energy demand of an ordinary household. Who knows? Why not if it would be possible.

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