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Monday, February 11, 2013

Linked-In Celebrates 200M Members

Linked-In is celebrating an astounding achievement of reaching 200 million members world-wide. I have have received an email from Linked-In that I am among the first 500,000 members in the Philippines.

Perhaps, I don't need to explain what Linked-In is to netizens or to those who immerse themselves deeply into the blogosphere but still, for those who are not so involved with social media or those who are in Facebook alone, Linked-In is another social media site where users can connect with colleagues, friends and people who share the same interests. 

It is a good site for professionals or people who are looking for business opportunities and for those who would like to offer services. It is essential too even for those who would just like to connect with old and new friends alike.

I must admit I have not been very active in Linked-In because I have no professional career to boast about but I am happy to connect with friends through Linked-In. It has been a wonderful experience.

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