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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Oldest Living Worker in UK

Jim Clements, 100 years old and is still working at Active Security in Harlow, Essex. He is an amazing centenarian. Many of the centenarians that I hear are already weak and sickly but this cool dude is strong enough to continue working.

As he describes life at work, he says, "It's been really very good for me because any little thing that I couldn't overcome, they'd help me out in any way. I appreciate every day of it actually, since I've been here."

His co-workers say that they are like an extended family and they have looked out for him. They have high respect for the elderly worker.

Jim Clements is truly an inspiration to fellow elderly. Old life does not need to be a bore and that there is life after retirement indeed. Maybe not all people at his age remains as strong as he, still, he shows that people can find ways of making life worthwhile and meaningful in whatever situation they may be.

The challenge to the youth is how they can keep their bodies healthy enough to reach a century strong and active.


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