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Friday, March 22, 2013

Emmanuel Kelly's Amazing Mom!

While I am perusing a friend’s Facebook account, I have come across this video post, which says, “Very inspiring person... please hold your tears”. Apparently, my FB friend has liked it from the Amazing Videos FB Fan Page. I have felt a little curious so I have clicked on the video link.

I can't upload here the video from Amazing Videos, I just embedded the same video from YouTube

It is an episode from The X-Factor TV program, which features “Emmanuel Kelly”, a 17-year-old young man from Australia but is originally from Iraq, who dreams to become a professional singer despite a congenital physical deformity. His left arm and leg have not developed normally and he could not walk straight. His brother has almost a similar condition.

One of the judges has asked about his age. He said he is not sure because when his mother has taken him from an orphanage in Iraq, he does not have any birth certificate or passport. He must have been born in the middle of a war zone. His story has moved the judges and people watching. He has sung, “Imagine” by John Lennon. He has sung it really well moving the crowd and has cheered for him.

His bravery is indeed, amazing. He is not afraid to face the world in spite of how he looks compared to the other good-looking contestants. He knows what he wants and he has the boldness to pursue it. He is truly admirable.

However, if there is someone I must commend more, it his MOTHER, Mrs Kelly. I have missed his mother’s name but just the same, as Emmanuel has said, “My hero is my mother”... Normally, people would want beautiful children so they would most likely choose beautiful kids but this woman, has chosen two helpless, abandoned and deformed kids to become her children. She has raised them as normal children and have grown up full of love and acceptance. Now, they have learned to accept themselves and have gained full courage to face the world because they have a family who has given them the assurance that they are normal and loveable individuals.

To me, that is the most amazing thing.


  1. I saw this young man on the x-factor when it first aired and I was stricken by his maturity. It just goes to show that within certain human beings, (definitely his mum from whom he got it), the innate sense of right from wrong is more than palpable in their spirit. He restored my faith in humanity for at least another decade and I hope it does to others as well.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      It is nice to hear that Emmanuel Kelly's story has brought hope to you. One reason I try as much as I can to blog about people like Emmanuel is to tell the world that there is still hope for us. We should not get tired of life and making the most out of it. I hope to share with others the inspiration I get from stories like this one.

      Thank you for the comment...


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