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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ron Mueck: Realist Sculptor

Ron Mueck
About a year ago, I have received an email from a friend about magnificent, realistic sculptures. They look so real in every detail. The facial contour, hair growth, skin tone and shape of the body and face look perfect except for one thing: the size. The sculptures are oversized.

The sculptor is Ron Mueck. He is from Australia but he is working in United Kingdom as a hyperrealist sculptor. He has worked as a puppeteer before on children’s television and films. If you will recall the classic, fantasy movie, Labyrinth in 1986, one of the creatures in the film is a good beast named Ludo. Well, Ron Mueck has voiced over that character.

Later, Mueck has moved to London and put up his own company. He uses animatronics for advertising agencies. In 1996, he has shifted to the arts. One of his first sculptures is the Dead Dad, a sculpture representation of his father’s corpse. 

Dead Dad

Mask II
His others works are Mask II, a large sculpture of a man’s head. It seems like a self-portrait. Another is In Bed, a huge sculpture of a woman lying in bed and so many others. In fact, in the email that I have received, there is a picture of one of his creations; a big stout man.

Ron Mueck is one of the best realist sculptors of our time. 

In Bed

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