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Friday, September 7, 2007


A very important electronic gadget that a person desperately needs most especially here in the Philippines, the texting capital of the world, is the cell phone. Nobody seems to leave home without it. Before, it is a status symbol. Now, it has become a social necessity. Just recently, the giant TELCOs have introduced the 3G technology in the local mobile phone market. Its features are very astonishing.

The N70 for example has a 2 Megapixel Camera with 20x Digital Zoom and a second
VGA Camera with 2x Digital Zoom. It also has a RealPlayer Media Player, Bluetooth® Technology and Java™ Applications.

The latest N92 Smart Phone has a Mobile TV Application, Internal Screen Active Matrix Anti Glare 2.8" QVGA Colour, 2 Way Keyboard, Digital Music Player and a Web Browser with Mini Map.

In addition to that, the latest talk in town is the Apple iPhone, which boasts of a 4 Gbyte & 8 Gbyte Memory. It also operates with EDGE & WiFi Technology, Safari HTML Web Browser with Zoom, OS X Based Operating System, a 3.5 Inch Multi Touch Colour Screen (320 x 480 Pixels), 2 Mega pixel Digital Camera with Camera Settings and finally a Music Player with Touch Screen Search. Whew! Unfortunately, for non-Americans, it is only available through AT&T within USA.

It’s a perfect example of people making simple things complicated.

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