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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My cousin and I were joking once about some pre-requisites in choosing a lifetime partner. Since, my primary problem is mobility; she thought that my partner must have her own car so that moving from one place to another would not be very difficult for me. With my condition, it is almost impossible to obtain a decent job so she also thought that my partner must have some business sense or one who is willing to support or help me put up a business for our family. Anyway, while I have many limitations, I still can do many things. I only need someone who can help me. Considering also my physical weight (which is not really that light, I guess, because I stand 5’10” in height), my partner must be at least 5’7” or 5’8” in height so that she may have the strength to help me pull myself up into the car and back to my wheel chair (Whew!).

“One more thing”, my cousin added, “it would be better if she has no parents or siblings who will warn her about the situation she will enter into or even disagree with the idea.” That is quite improbable, I thought. She continued, “Probably, it would be best if she has neither neighbors nor friends who will dissent to your relationship”. “Wait”, I reacted. “That is already impossible! I don’t think there is any human being here on earth that does not have even a single text mate!” “Well, find someone who will fall deeply, whole-heartedly and head over heels in love with you. Then, any negative opinion against you or your condition will mean nothing to her.” My cousin concluded.

Well, interested parties are welcome to visit my website. Application forms are available for download. Complete the form and send it back through email just be sure that all applications are in before the end of the age (Hahaha). I am just joking...

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  1. Well, have faith my friend. Remember, our god is an awesome God!


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