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Friday, September 28, 2007


This is something new for me at the Play Room in London, England. WheelieChix-Chic has launched, last September 19th, outfits specially designed by Amelia Ursache for wheelchair users on the catwalk just in time for London Fashion week. Ironically, I have learned that the British Fashion Council has turned down the application of WheelieChix-Chic to participate in the event. However, Louisa Summerfield, the Managing Director of WheelieChix-Chic has decided to push through with the fashion show. According to Summerfield, “We are a unique fashion concept designing clothes that are specifically tailored for wheelchair women. All our designs enhance and flatter a woman's body when sitting and yet at the same time are ultra fashionable, elegant and chic. We have thought of every detail to make dressing and undressing a pleasure rather then a chore, easier fastenings, flexible fabrics and great shapes. I took our designs to the British Fashion Council thinking they would jump at the chance for WheelieChix-Chic to exhibit on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. But when our application was unsuccessful, I just knew the show still had to go on and so I set about organizing our own fashion show, I'm a wheelchair user myself and I'm sick and tired of making do with conventional high street fashion. I'm a big believer in that fashion should be for everyone and not just the standing up body beautiful".

It is only in GMA News last September 20th that I have learned about the WheellieChix-Chic fashion collection for wheelchair women. To some it may look eccentric but for me, it is a breakthrough. I have never expected that such a big event as a fashion show would give special attention to a long-ignored sector of the society. Sexy women riding on wheel chairs, wearing gowns, make their fashion statements on the catwalk. According to Summerfield, who herself is a wheelchair chic, for the “5% of the UK population alone being wheelchair users these clothes are long in coming. I see our consumers being global as there just isn't companies out there designing for wheelchair women, there's a huge gap in the market and I feel very confident that WheelieChix-Chic will fill it”. It is a tough goal but nothing is impossible for a hard worker. By the way, this fashion show that WhellieChix-Chic has organized is for the benefit of Motability. I really appreciate the idea and the effort. I just do hope that there will also be a fashion collection for wheelchair men, well, like me.

However, you know it is not only the women and the dresses that I find sexy in the pictures but the wheel chair as well. I think that the manufacturer of this particular model has captured the concept of making it easier for users to transfer from wheel chair to bed and back or wheel chair to the toilet bowl and back. Elbow rests are usually helpful but sometimes they hamper movement as well. I wish I could acquire one like this for myself but I guess it would be expensive. If only I live in London, maybe I could ask help from Motability.

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