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Monday, October 1, 2007


Photo of Manuel Uribe, the world's fattest man weighing 1,770 lbs. He couldn't walk or leave his bed.
Health experts say that obesity will be a major problem in the future because of the sedentary lifestyle of our people today. Most work require many hours in front the computer, which lessens physical activity. Even children spend so many hours on computer games or television. This lessens physical activity, which is essential in the growing years of young kids. This means that people are burning fewer calories than what  they should normally. The result is morbid obesity.

Experts say that obese people are prone to diseases like heart ailment, diabetes, hypertension and a lot more. Maybe we should start to reinvent our lifestyles and burn those extra fats before it becomes too late to trim down. Why don’t you try to get involved in sports like chess or monopoly? Joke!

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