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Monday, October 22, 2007


It is easy to be born but it is difficult to live. There are so many mountains to climb and so many rivers to cross. At the end of the day, you will ask yourself, “Have I done enough?”

I guess, at the end of the day, it is not how great you have become that will matter but how happy you have been. Of course, it is not all about living on sheer frivolity and pleasure but in knowing that you have done your God-appointed part on earth; that the years that have gone through your hands have not gone into waste. Then as you look into the mirror and see your wrinkles and silver grey hair, you can smile it off knowing that in some people’s hearts, you are most valued and cherished.

I have heard about the oldest blogger in the world who could also be the oldest YouTube user. Mrs. Olive Riley, born in 1899 in Broken Hill when Australia as a federation did not exist and NSW was still a British colony ruled by Queen Victoria. Interesting huh! I have been interested about her story although I have not checked out her blog yet –“The Life of Riley” which I have read has captured her thousands of fans in the worldwide web. She is also the star of the YouTube film Olive Riley Returns to Broken Hill. It's a short film which has been made up of clips taken from a one-hour documentary about her called “All About Olive,” which has aired on ABC television last year. She has survived two World Wars and the Great Depression She has witnessed the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge; has raised three children and has worked in a number of weird and wonderful jobs, like an egg sorter and station cook in Queensland. She is full of stories, not all of which have made the blog yet, like the time she has punched a schoolmate who was teasing her about her then surname of Dangerfield. And the time she has accidentally got a station worker sacked because he was watching her through a spy glass when she, her daughter and the boss's daughter were skinny-dipping in the dam.

She turns 108 this October and I’m sure she is aging gracefully.

Note: I have gathered nformation about Mrs. Olive Riley through an article by Edith Bevan in the Daily Telegraph.

A full life ... Olive Riley, 107; listening to her stories (inset left and right); Olive aged 12 (centre). Main picture: Adam Ward

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