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Monday, October 29, 2007


Hey, to all those who hate cockroaches, there is a safe solution to your problem. If you cannot stand seeing dirty cockroaches crawling down your walls, this may be helpful to you. You no longer need strong insecticides that may be hazardous to health to eradicate them. You only need have a new pet. Yes a pet; a pet spider. Do you know that spiders eat cockroaches? I have just found out a couple of days ago when I have seen a big spider devour a cockroach alive on two occasions!

I observed the arachnid closely. It did not stop sucking from its prey’s body until it had almost dried up. I only failed to capture it on picture because the action took place on a dark corner of our kitchen. I had never known spiders to be ferocious predators too, although I had known many who had been terrified by the mere presence of a big but harmless looking spider.

However, I have realized that what I have witnessed is not really a new discovery. On the picture above, you can see a spider feasting on a cockroach that has been trapped on its web. Obviously, the cockroach is a lot larger than the spider but it seems that size is not a deterrent for the hungry arachnid. Spiders are strong animals alright!

Well, I have not heard of any person in the Philippines who died because of spider bite but I can see people who could die in fear of the fast crawling arachnid. However, tarantulas are becoming a favorite pet by many. I just doubt it if they will feed them with cockroaches.

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