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Monday, September 15, 2008


I have written a lot about arachnophobia in the past. I feel that exposure to the object of fear will somehow reduce its behavioral effect. Fear largely affects one’s personality. He changes in noticeable ways, at least at the time fear overpowers him. He may have the tendency to speak bad words, which he does not normally do. He may feel very sick, uneasy, and paranoid or even become physically violent at the extreme. Experts call it phobia. The most common phobias that we all know are hydrophobia, claustrophobia, i.e. No wonder, reality TV shows like Fear Factor appeal to a wide range of viewers worldwide. Interestingly, I have come across this article in the Reader’s Digest about certain types of phobias that experts recently observed. According to the article, the site has a list of phobias of which the following sounds weird:

Nucleomituphobia: the abnormal fear or hatred of nuclear weapons
Well, this could help promote world peace.

Odontophobia: the fear of dental work
Oops, this is air pollution!

Octophobia: the fear of the figure eight (8)
This is difficult when you need to make an appointment that starts at eight o’clock.

Globophobia: the fear of balloons
There go children’s parties!

Ablutophobia: the fear of bathing
Goodness! Earth will smell like hell!

Rhytiphobia: the fear of wrinkles
It sounds cool. Just one problem, nobody stays young.

Telephonophobia: the fear of telephones
Telecoms will definitely not like this!

Pupaphobia: the fear of puppets
Who is not afraid of chucky anyway!

Pentheraphobia: the fear of your mother-in-law
Oh, i think that could help solve our population problem. Many will opt to stay single...

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