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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Finally, after two weeks of work, I have finished the notation I have been doing. Just in time for the deadline, I have personally set. I have finished the notation of two songs: “The Day He Wore My Crown” and “Who Am I” last September 30 although I have printed them only two days after since I do not have a printer at home.

I never thought that it was going to be that difficult but it was a wonderful experience doing it for the first time. It was scary at some point especially when the notes did not seem to fit the musical bars; the arrangement looked absurd if not ridiculous. I thought I had been crazy to accept the task and I wanted to give up. However, someone believed I could do it so why should I give up easily. True enough, God is good all the time. He gave me wisdom to complete the task.

Now I understand the musical arrangers when they insist on their copyright claims. Musical arrangement is not an easy job to do. It uses up a lot of mental energy so it hurts when people use your creation without your permission and steal the benefit that should have been yours.

The arrangements are for a competition, a young and beautiful soloist, Ms Elisha Cyrille Ferraz, will join later this month. The contest proper will be held in Palawan. She has a very beautiful voice and she deserves the gold medal. God bless her…

(The pictures are edited screenshots of my arrangement)

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