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Thursday, October 9, 2008


While I was doing the notation, a Trojan horse found its way into my computer system. I did not exactly know how it managed to enter my computer but of course, it came from the internet. I just could not understand why good knowledge of computers would move someone to create “viruses” and scatter them into the World Wide Web.

I think it is evil to some extent especially if the intension is to harm other computers to the detriment of the users. Just like what has happened to me. I have lost two days of work time because of that virus attack. Even my Symantec anti-virus protection could not clean it off. I have had to reformat my computer and install a new anti-virus program, Zone Alarm Security Suite to protect my computer from other viruses and hackers in the web.

I am one of the billions of internet users who are peace loving and decent. Personally, I believe, it is not even fair for hackers to think of hurting us but we can do nothing. This has been the electronic lifestyle inside the electronic jungle we call the World Wide Web and as long as we need the net, we will have to brawl with monsters and burn down the Trojan horses that they let loose.

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