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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moon Dwellers

One important event in history that I have not personally witnessed is the Apollo 11 landing on the moon in 1969. I have not been born then. If only I can become a pilot, I would like to fly for NASA. It would have been a great accomplishment for a pilot to fly to the moon.

In 2004, US President George W. Bush announced a new vision for space exploration in 15-years time span. US astronauts would return to the moon to establish the first manned lunar station. Yes, you have read it right. The US plans to establish a manned lunar station. The next lunar missions will not be like the Apollo Missions, which practically have been short visits to our natural satellite. NASA expects that the next moon landings will happen by 2018.

However, I do not know how the present economic turmoil in the US economy has affected the project. Who would think that the US economy would recede now? Big businesses have announced bankruptcy like the Lehman Brothers and AIG. I just hope that the present economic conditions of the US will faintly affect the NASA project since it would be an important breakthrough in space science, which may benefit the world in the future.

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Information taken from: 1001 Science Questions Answered

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