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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Science and Spirituality

Now, let us return to the series...

Sometimes, injecting spiritual essence on scientific phenomena opens up controversial questions. Some may ask, “If the Omnipotent God indeed has created the world, why is he allowing its destruction?” I think the more appropriate question is, “What have we done with His creation?”

As I have quoted previously, God has appointed man as the steward of creation therefore; he is responsible for whatever happens to earth in particular. He gave him dominion and power to rule over the planet and to preserve it but because of his own work of hands, the earth is now on its way to an imminent destruction. In fairness, probably, at the onset of the industrial revolution, there might have been no information regarding the long-term effect of the use of fossil fuel on the environment. Global warming is essentially and totally unforeseen. Now, we are slowly feeling its impact globally. In contrast, adequate information is now available for us, it is only prudent to act accordingly.

a depiction of the new heavens and the earth from

However, who says that God is not doing something about it? In Isaiah 65:17, we read, “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind….” If that is true, “Why do we need to bother ourselves with all these painstaking undertakings that we do if there will be a better earth in the future anyway?” It is our obligation first to the Creator, second to our selves and last to the future generations of peoples on the earth. It is a God-given mandate that we rule on the earth to preserve it and fight the evil that destroys it up to our last breath. We do not know when the end will come but it will. Meanwhile, as we wait for the long awaited salvation, we are here on the earth as God’s stewards of creation. Let us live, therefore, according to what God has intended us to be.

“Why don’t we just speed up the destruction of the earth in order to speed up the coming of the new one?” It seems like killing ourselves so we can go to heaven right away. Unfortunately, that is not the way to do it. Only God decides when the new heavens and earth will come.

Global warming, though, is only a part of the issues that grip the world today. The Lord is concerned about all the details of our existence: social justice, food security, peace and harmony between peoples but most importantly, our eternal destiny. In the new earth, there will be no more pain or trouble, neither hunger nor thirst. There will be neither hurting nor destruction. There will be neither wars nor famine. There will be no darkness for God himself will be our light. It will be our eternal home.

The big question is, “Are you ready when it comes?”

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