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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Man Lost Financial Benefits Because of Facebook

A man lost the financial benefits an insurance company is paying him because of his Facebook account. This man is supposed to be undergoing medical treatment for depression and while under treatment, he cannot work. Thus, an insurance company has been paying him financial assistance.

However, his insurance agent accidentally discovered the photos he had uploaded to his Facebook account, which had captured the unforgettable moments he had in parties and events that he had attended. Unfortunately, the pictures were so fun-filled that they did not seem to show any hint of a man undergoing treatment for depression in as far as the judgment of the insurance agent is concerned.

The insurance company demanded an explanation from him. He reasoned that he attended those parties and events to fight his depression but the company was not inclined to accept his explanation. The insurance company stopped all his benefits.

(Source: DZBB-GMA7 Radio- morning news broadcast)

Perhaps, the insurance company has decided that his case is not that severe to merit a financial assistance from their company. However, I cannot judge the man outright as a trickster because his intention to fight his depression by expanding his social circle could be honest. Perhaps, it shows that we have no right to demand assistance while we are just having fun. Perhaps, this tells us to be careful with the photos that we upload to, or messages that we keep in our social networking accounts like Facebook walls in particular. We can never know who can and will view them.

I guess if we do not keep any secret, then there is nothing to worry about.

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