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Friday, June 25, 2010

GMA Network’s Kara David: Peabody Awardee

One of the most prestigious awards in the field of radio and broadcast journalism all over the world is the George Foster Peabody Awards.

It is an annual, international award for excellence in radio and television broadcasting, which honors exemplary presentations in the fields of broadcast journalism, documentary film making, educational and children's programming, and entertainment.

Proudly, Filipino broadcast journalists had received the prestigious Peabody Award on two occasions. The first was, Jessica Soho in 1999 for her documentary reports on GMA Network television documentary program I-Witness: “Kidneys for Sale” about the sad story of people who were selling their own kidneys to escape poverty and “Kamao” (Close-Fist) about tragic story of a Filipino boxer who died in a boxing fight because of the unavailability of medical attention. Second, is Jay Taruc for his documentary report on GMA’s Brigada Siete: “Child Labor”.

Recently, the next Filipino journalist to receive the award is Kara David for her documentary report on I-Witness: “Ambulansyang de Paa” (Ambulance on Foot) about the heroism of two Mangyan people in Apnagan, a rough and mountainous area in Oriental Mindoro who took a sick person in their community to the nearest hospital, which was several hours walk, by using a bamboo pole and woven hammock as an improvised stretcher and carrying him on their shoulders.

This is the shining glory of democracy in media. Without documentary reports like this, people will not know what is happening in distant localities. It is almost unbelievable that in this time and age, there are still places that have not received from the government the goods and services that are due them. It is a sad truth. I hope this will open the eyes and stir the compassion in the hearts of the concerned people in government.

Congratulations to an amazing Filipina, Ms. Kara Patria David. Proudly Filipino and proudly Kapuso! May we Filipinos echo her words, “Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!”

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