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Friday, June 18, 2010

NBA Finals 2010

The Los Angeles Lakers led by Kobe Bryant won the NBA championship against the Boston Celtics. It was a tough series that had to reach seven games. Celtics almost had it but Kobe just could not be denied of the basketball burned hot in the last few minutes of the last quarter with Gasol controlling the boards for the Lakers.

The Celtics were feeling the absence of their center, Perkins and had to depend on Davis and Wallace to fill in the shoes of their injured center. However, in the last few minutes of the game, the Celtics offense got cold. Pierce could not find an opening and they went one on one most of the time instead of establishing plays for their best scorers. It looked as if it was  not the Celtics playing on the hard court. 

Let us see next conference if the Lakers can do it three in a row....


  1. Na-addict ako dati sa basketball but when Michael Jordan retired, biglang na-cure

  2. Why? Don't you like Kobe? He plays like Michael in some ways...


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