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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Yellow Son and the Dark Horse

Senator Simeon Benigno Aquino III - Mayor Jejomar Cabaoatan Binay

Finally, Senator Simeon Benigno Cojuangco Aquino III and Mayor Jejomar Cabaoatan Binay have been proclaimed by the Congress of the Republic of the Philippines as the duly elected President and Vice President of the Republic on June 9, 2010, three days before the 112th celebration of Philippine independence.

It's not surprising for Senator Aquino to win in the election since he has been leading by a wide margin in all the surveys that have been released on media. The unexpected really is the victory of Jejomar Binay as Vice President since in the length of the campaign, Senator Mar Roxas has been leading in the surveys. Although, around two weeks before election day, political experts say that BInay has inched his way at the top to tie with Roxas.

Probably, Senator Francis Escudero's "Noy-Bi" (Noynoy-Binay) campaign a few weeks before election day has had a great impact among the voters, which severely affected Mar's standing. The campaign has generated votes for Binay from Noynoy supporters while keeping the solid support of Erap loyalists. While there is a strong Noynoy-Mar tactical force, it is unlikely that voters would opt for an Erap-Mar tandem. Binay has enjoyed the overwhelming support from the two strongest political turfs, the yellow army of Noynoy and the orange country of Erap. Thus, analysts refer to Binay as the dark horse of the last elections.

Let's just hope that together, they can lift our country out of the deep pit of corruption where the out-going Arroyo administration has taken us.

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