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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kenguru Car: That's My Car!

The biggest problem I have always had is mobility. As a wheel char dependent, I cannot just go to places where I want or need to go. It hampers me from trying to get a decent job outside of home, in a call center for example. It feels so frustrating that I would need someone to carry me so that I could ride a vehicle. That is one reason I could not get a formal education in a university.

The Kenguru Car

Steering Handle
While making a research, I have chanced upon an electric car especially made for wheel chair dependent people. I have felt so excited about it. The problem of immobility is becoming a thing of the past. It is the Kenguru car, which a Hungarian Company, Rehab Rt has developed. Although, it is still in its final touches, the prototypes look very good. According to the technical specification, the car runs at the maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. Since it is electrically powered, it can run up to a maximum distance of 30 miles on a single charge. Its navigational control is by a motorcycle type handle bar in the front. It looks spacious inside for the driver on a wheel chair although the design does not provide for a passenger seat. It is light weight so it falls only on a scooter category.

This is good news not only to me but also to people who suffer from the same problem of immobility. I just hope that when the company finally releases it to market, it would not be very expensive. The last time I have visited their official website,, they have not posted the price yet. I think the company will release it in
UK first, I just don’t know when it will be distributed around the world.

Going inside a Kenguru

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