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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Manuel Uribe: The World’s Fattest Man, He Used to be

Photo of Manuel Uribe in 2006 at 1700 lbs

Photo of Manuel Uribe at 700 lbs from his Facebook Account
He was on special news features on print magazines and television programs around the world. In fact, I got inspiration for writing a blog, The Problem of Obesity previously on this weblog because of him although I did not say much about him in that entry. After 3 years, I’d like to talk about him again- Manuel Uribe.

He’s a 45 year-old Mexican. Believe it or not, he reached a maximum weight of over 1,700 lbs, which tied him to his bed as he was unable to stand up and walk. He was huge literally and I could say that the trauma and struggle inside him was great too and it went for years but he refused offers for a surgical intervention or a gastric bypass surgery.

With the help of doctors and nutritionists, Uribe set a goal to reduce his weight to 260 lbs. It seemed impossible but in October 26, 2008, after successfully reducing his weight by 592 lbs., he married his second wife Claudia.

Reports say that he followed the Zone Diet. As of this date, his dieting continues. It requires a great deal of determination and discipline to accomplish his dream. If he will not falter, he will surely succeed.

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